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Occupation: Legislator
Member Since: 2018

Representative Walt Blackman is the Republican who won the 2018 Midterm General Elections for State Representative for the sixth legislative district. With his election win, Walt is the first Black American Republican in the history of Arizona elected to the Arizona House of Representatives. Walt is a constitutionalist conservative who served in the United States Army for twenty-one years.

Walt is a dedicated and experienced senior leader, combat veteran, with two decades of operational and combat real-world leadership experience in the US military. Throughout Walt's military career, he has served his country with distinction and honor. Walt earned several military awards while serving his country, to include the Bronze Star Medal, for combat actions in Iraq, and the Meritorious Service Medal for 21 years of continues honorable active duty service.

After his retirement in 2016, Walt founded and is currently President and CEO of W.B Inclusion & Diversity Consulting Victim Advocacy Firm. W.B Inclusion is a sexual assault counseling service provider for victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment. Walt continues to serve his community by volunteering his time to educate young adults and students at local public and private schools on the prevention of sexual harassment and assault in his district and across the state.

Additionally, Walt assists his fellow veterans by volunteering at local food banks; veteran stands down days and veteran small business success seminars. His keen awareness of veteran's issues has given him an inside track of what right looks like when serving Arizona’s veterans.

Walt is a fervent advocate of the 2nd Amendment, health care issues, education funding and a commonsense approach to state governing. As an Arizona State Representative Walt wants to return school choice to parents in our schools and is for teacher pay raises, bonuses, and performance-based incentives. Walt believes in rural development programs that generate jobs, supports ranchers, creates revenue and produces new small business opportunities.

Walt is endorsed by the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Fire Fighters Association, the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, the Phoenix Police Association, The National Rifle Association, the Arizona Right to life Association, The Payson Tea Party, the Navaho Country Republican club and the National American Africa Republican Committee of Phoenix, Walt is recognized in the 18 for 2018 National State-wide races to watch for in the 2018 midterm general elections for up and coming political stars.

He currently serves on and is Vice-Chairmen for the State and International Affairs Committee, Vice-Chair Judiciary and is a current member serving on the Government Relations, and regulatory committees. Additionally, Walt was selected as Statemen’s of the year by the National American Africa Republican Committee, Walt is a graduate of Almeda University, and received advanced certification in Program Management from Georgetown University.

Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2055Ccivil traffic violations; community restitution
(NOW: penalties; civil traffic violation)
HB2056Cappropriation; Tonto Basin bridge
HB2069P*corrections oversight committee; ombudsman; duties
HB2070P*prearrest diversion programs; civil citation
HB2071P*Lyme disease treatment
HB2072P*mental health professionals; loan repayment
(NOW: mental health professional academy; appropriation)
HB2085Cwrits of garnishment; attorney fees
HB2086P*tuition waiver; military; veterans; family
HB2087P*probation; technical violations; reinstatement
(NOW: digital evidence; fees; funds)
HB2092Cfederal government; land acquisition; consent
HB2093C2nd amendment; unenforceable federal laws
HB2120Cschools; graduation ceremonies; cultural regalia
HB2153P*domestic relations; child's best interest
HB2154P*recidivism reduction; evidence-based policies; reports
HB2155P*motor vehicle insurance; nonrenewal
HB2156P*criminal justice data; reporting requirements
HB2157P*PSPRS; benefit computation; return-to-work
HB2223Cmissing children; notification; identification
HB2250P*grants; behavioral health treatment services
HB2251P*public employees; travel reimbursement; airfare
HB2252P*land management; federal regulations; nullification
HB2253P*study committee; county boundaries
HB2254P*Lyme; vector-borne diseases; treatment.
HB2255P*prisoners; health; training; visitation; rules
HB2256P*safe schools; plans
HB2257Carrest procedures; magistrates
HB2288Cstate licensing; fee waiver
HB2351Creal estate; employee; rent collection
HB2371Cappropriations; DNA analysis instruments
HB2379P*film; media production; procurement preference.
HB2380P*product liability; civil action; limitation.
HB2381P*CTEDs; letter grades; exclusion
HB2382P*sentencing; mitigating circumstance; repetitive offenders
HB2383P*sentencing ranges; minimum; maximum; repeal
HB2384P*VLT and registration fee exemptions
HB2385P*TPT; reimbursement; motion picture production.
HB2399Cunmanned aircraft operation; public venues
HB2402Ccriminal conviction; set aside; applicability
HB2420Cinsurance; prescription drugs; step therapy
HB2422Ccoordinated reentry planning services programs
HB2433Cclinical laboratories; proficiency testing
HB2442Chighway safety fee repeal
HB2469Claw enforcement officers; additional benefits.
HB2486Cimmunizations; requirements; exemption
HB2501Ccommerce authority; adult workforce education.
HB2512Cconsumer credit lending; military members
HB2513Cfinancial institutions; examinations; military lending
HB2533Cmarijuana; fine; discretionary
HB2538Chealth care workers; assault; prevention
HB2551Cappropriation; state parks; heritage fund
HB2569CDCS; investigation; schools; children; disabilities
HB2598Csanctuary jurisdiction; liability; civil action
HB2600Cadoption; original birth certificate; release
HB2623Cschools; posting; civil rights data
HB2624Chuman trafficking; civil action; liability
HB2625Ccivics celebration day; civics education
HB2626Cgifted pupils; weights; reports; appropriation
HB2627Ctimeshares; public reports; purchase contracts
HB2629CTPT; exemption; pacemakers
HB2630Cmotorcycle safety fund
HB2631P*PSPRS; local boards; duties; consolidation
HB2632P*AHCCCS; eligibility
HB2633P*long-term RV act; manager education
HB2634P*criminal justice case information; reporting
HB2635P*mobile home parks; caregivers
HB2636P*electronic smoking devices; retail licensing.
HB2637P*smoking devices; tobacco products; definitions.
HB2638P*prearrest deflection program; procedures
HB2639P*public service scholarship fund
HB2640Cenvironmental technology; biomass; forestry products
HB2641Celderly assistance fund; state treasurer
HB2643Cinsurance; optometrists; contracts; covered services
HB2649Cprisoners; mental health transition program
HB2658Cschools; sex education
HB2666Cappropriation; financing agreement; retirement; defeasance
HB2676Cveterans; income tax subtraction; increase
HB2682Cschools; instruction; Holocaust; genocides
HB2683Canti-semitism; crime reporting; aggravating factor
HB2696Cfamily law; domestic violence; resources
HB2702Ctrespassing; civil unmanned aircraft
HB2703Ccivil action; invasion of privacy
HB2704P*special services fund; treatment programs
HB2706Cinterscholastic athletics; biological sex
HB2723Ccounty fair racing; council; appropriations
HB2751Cdetained juveniles; advisements; notifications
HB2762Cproject rocket pilot program; appropriations
HB2763P*foster care tuition waiver scholarships
HB2764Cmental health omnibus.
HB2776Cpublicity pamphlet; submittal dates
HB2778Ctaxation; omnibus
HB2779Cstate equalization assistance; rate; appropriation
HB2785Cappropriations; DPS: school safety program
HB2799Cappropriation; area agencies on aging.
HB2806Cappropriations; preschool development grants
HB2808P*prisoners; release credits
HB2810P*Mormon migration monument; governmental mall
HB2814Crural economic development; project certification
HB2817Cairport fees prohibited; ride sharing
HB2849P*prisoners; release credits; wildland firefighting
HB2850P*theme park districts; extension
HB2852Cmoney transmitters; exemptions; authorized delegates
HB2853Cfurnishing tobacco; minors; enterprise penalties
HB2855Celectric charging providers; regulation
HB2863Cprisoners; nonoperating identification license
HB2879CDOC; substance abuse programs; appropriations
HB2881Cgenetic testing; private property
HB2892Cmissing persons; law enforcement duties
HB2894P*independent corrections ombudsman; oversight committee
HB2895Csubsequent irrigation non-expansion areas; procedures.
HB2896Cwater; rural management areas
HCM2009Cfloodwater harvesting; study; urging Congress
HCR2020Clieutenant governor; joint candidacy
HCR2021Cabortion data; survivors act; supporting
HCR2032Cinitiatives; single subject; title
HCR2033Csecond amendment; supporting
HCR2036Csanctuary jurisdiction; prohibition; law enforcement
HCR2042Cteachers; ethics standards; rules
HM2002Cmilitary sexual trauma; servicemembers
HR2001P*supporting Israel; recognizing Jerusalem
HR2005Csmall business day 2020
SB1102Cappropriation; Walnut Canyon bridge project
SB1103Cappropriation; Perkins Valley bridge project
SB1104Cappropriation; Red Lake Wash bridge
SB1105Cappropriation; overpass 2450 bridge project
SB1110Cappropriation; Lake Mary Road ramp
SB1140CTPT; exemptions; Indian tribes
SB1143Canti-semitism; crime reporting; aggravating factor.
SB1152Cmedical student loan program
SB1171Ccriminal justice case information; reporting.
(NOW: criminal justice information; reporting; appropriation)
SB1328Cappropriations; direct services; referrals.
SB1349Cappropriation; students with disabilities
SB1398Ctax omnibus
SB1438Cfantasy sports competitions; definition
SB1663Cstate permitting council
(NOW: state permitting dashboard)