House Member

Personal Information:
Home City: Globe
Occupation: Rancher
Member Since: 2017

David was born in Ponca City, Oklahoma into a farming and ranching family and grew up being active in 4-H and FFA. In 1985, he moved to Arizona and graduated from Miami High School.

His first career was in the electrical apparatus field; helping farmers with irrigation pumps and controls. After several years, David moved back to Globe and worked for the Department of Corrections (DOC), retiring as a Sergeant with numerous achievements within the department. In his role as a legislator, David uses his 12 years of experience in DOC to understand the needs of the corrections industry and inter-departmental administration.

In the year 2000, David and his wife, Diana, pursued a life-long dream of ranching and started the DC Cattle Company. They believed a rural life would be beneficial to their two children, David Jr., a student at ASU and Maria, a senior at Miami High School. The entire family works on their Globe ranch together.

David has attended several community colleges: Eastern Arizona, Rio Salado, and Central Arizona College. He is a proud graduate of the Arizona State Universities' Certified Public Manager Program, and a strong advocate for the availability of dual enrollment programs to all rural students.

Currently, David holds positions on the Gila County Cattle Growers' Board of Directors and the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Advisory Board. He has served on the Arizona Cattle Growers' Association (ACGA) Executive Committee and Board of Directors, as Federal Lands Chairman for the ACGA, as the Federal Lands Chairman for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, is a past Young Cattlemen's Conference Chairman, board member of the Globe Miami Chamber of Commerce, on the Southern Gila County Economic Development Corporation, is a past President of the Gila County Cattle Growers' Association, past President of Gila County Sheriff's Posse, and is a past President of the Cobre Valley Republican Club.

David Cook is a lifetime member of the N.R.A., member of the Arizona Farm Bureau, Oklahoma Farm Bureau, Arizona Cattle Growers Association, National Cattlemen's Beef Association, Public Lands Council, Knights of Columbus and a member of the Holy Angels Parish in Globe.

Awards that David has received for his hard work:
  • 2019 Family Champion Award, Center for Arizona Policy
  • 2019 Arizona Veterinary Medical Association, President's Award
  • 2018 2018 Citizen Legislator of the Year
  • Conservative Achievement Award for Defending Arizonan's Constitutional Rights
  • 2018 Gila Community College Award for recognition of Devotion to Education
  • 2018, 2017 "Champion of Term Limits Award" U.S. Term Limits
  • 2017 Arizona Police Association "Freshman Legislator of the Year"
  • 2017 "Friend of the Family" from the Arizona Family Project
  • 2015 University of Arizona "Extensionist" of the Year
  • 2014 University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Centennial Award for outstanding service and dedication
  • 2013 Arizona State Mine Inspector Safety Award
  • 2012 Arizona State Mine Inspector Safety Award
  • 2010 Globe Miami Chamber of Commerce Rancher of the Year
  • 2009 National Cattlemen's Foundation Max Deets Scholarship Winner
  • 2005 Environmental Stewardship Award Region 6 Winner presented by Dow Agro Science, Natural Resources Conservation Service and National Cattlemen's Beef Association
  • 2005 Beef Vision Award presented by National Cattlemen's Foundation
  • 2004 Range Manager of the year presented by Arizona Section Society of Range Management
  • 2003 Partnership Award presented by the Tonto National Forest.

Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2044P*meat; poultry; sale; misrepresentation
HB2055Ccivil traffic violations; community restitution
(NOW: penalties; civil traffic violation)
HB2056P*appropriation; Tonto Basin bridge
HB2084Cinternational boundary wall; building permits
HB2092Cfederal government; land acquisition; consent
HB2093C2nd amendment; unenforceable federal laws
HB2120P*schools; graduation ceremonies; cultural regalia
HB2122P*water resources; technical correction
HB2164P*technical correction; state highways
HB2165P*technical correction; traffic violations
HB2245P*melons; vegetables; shipping; adjoining states
HB2247P*small school districts; declining enrollment
HB2276P*incorporation; urbanized areas
HB2348Cmunicipal TPT; residential rentals; limit
HB2351Creal estate; employee; rent collection
HB2390Ccommunity colleges; districts; workforce development
HB2402Ccriminal conviction; set aside; applicability
HB2469Claw enforcement officers; additional benefits.
HB2493Ccommunity facilities districts
HB2518Cschools; expenditure limit; overrides
HB2598Csanctuary jurisdiction; liability; civil action
HB2600Cadoption; original birth certificate; release
HB2614Carchaeology advisory commission; continuation
HB2676Cveterans; income tax subtraction; increase
HB2682Cschools; instruction; Holocaust; genocides
HB2683Canti-semitism; crime reporting; aggravating factor
HB2705Cvacant; abandoned buildings; ordinances
HB2770Cwater rights; general adjudications; funding
HB2779Cstate equalization assistance; rate; appropriation
HB2780Cappropriations; hunger services; food banks
HB2785Cappropriations; DPS: school safety program
HB2798P*appropriation; north-south corridor study
HB2814Crural economic development; project certification
HB2817Cairport fees prohibited; ride sharing
HB2855Celectric charging providers; regulation
HB2875Cregulation; short-term rentals
HB2879CDOC; substance abuse programs; appropriations
HB2885Cappropriation; transportation; infrastructure projects
HCM2009Cfloodwater harvesting; study; urging Congress
HCR2033Csecond amendment; supporting
HCR2036Csanctuary jurisdiction; prohibition; law enforcement
HCR2042Cteachers; ethics standards; rules
HCR2045Cmedical marijuana; mental health; research
HCR2046Cinitiatives; referendums; reauthorization
HR2005Csmall business day 2020
HR2007P*death resolution; Leroy Tucker
HR2008P*Terry Wheeler; death resolution
SB1042Cexecutive sessions; security plans
SB1045Cstatewide gaming; gaming devices
SB1047Cclass III gaming; revenue distribution
SB1112Cveterans' home facility; Mohave county
SB1140CTPT; exemptions; Indian tribes
SB1493Cpharmacists; dispensing authority; hormonal contraceptives