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Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2085P*writs of garnishment; attorney fees
HB2092Cfederal government; land acquisition; consent
HB2093C2nd amendment; unenforceable federal laws
HB2103P*defamation action; internet publications; accrual.
HB2114P*law enforcement officers; database; rules
HB2227P*criminal justice commission; data collection
HB2228P*theft by extortion; defense
HB2229P*DCS; reunification; unannounced home visits
HB2230P*justice court; jurisdiction; crimes
HB2231P*Arizona criminal justice commission; members
HB2232P*competency examinations; records; appointments
HB2233P*court rules; signatures; court documents
HB2234P*sentencing; aggravating circumstances
HB2235P*record of proceedings; certified reporter
HB2236P*deferred prosecution program; definition
HB2237P*actions for debt; spouses
HB2243Cappropriation; widening; Interstate 10
(NOW: appropriation; Gila River bridge)
HB2246P*AHCCCS services; diabetes management.
HB2402Ccriminal conviction; set aside; applicability
HB2411P*convictions; penalties; surcharge distribution
HB2412P*conviction set-aside; traffic violations
HB2413P*juvenile court; dispositions
HB2414P*appropriations; alternative prosecution; diversion programs
HB2422Ccoordinated reentry planning services programs
HB2437P*concealed weapons permit; validity check
HB2441P*insurance claims; assignments; payments; requirements
HB2479Cjuvenile dependency; state aid; appropriation
HB2484Cdepartment of education; career information
HB2501Ccommerce authority; adult workforce education.
HB2538Chealth care workers; assault; prevention
HB2569CDCS; investigation; schools; children; disabilities
HB2580P*prisoners; discharge; transition program
HB2581P*dangerous; incompetent person; evaluation; commitment
HB2598Csanctuary jurisdiction; liability; civil action
HB2611P*records; confidentiality; hearing officer
HB2644Cliability insurance restatement; prohibition
HB2646Cmanslaughter; suicide assistance; violation
HB2649Cprisoners; mental health transition program
HB2682Cschools; instruction; Holocaust; genocides
HB2683Canti-semitism; crime reporting; aggravating factor
HB2735Cguilty except insane; court jurisdiction
HB2751Cdetained juveniles; advisements; notifications
HB2769Cguardianship; supported decision-making
(NOW: supported decision making; supporter obligations)
HB2779Cstate equalization assistance; rate; appropriation
HB2817Cairport fees prohibited; ride sharing
HB2825P*certificates of necessity; ambulances; repeal
HB2876Cfarm wineries; production
HB2877P*e-liquids; vapor products; tobacco products
HCR2021Cabortion data; survivors act; supporting
HCR2023Cschool districts; expenditure limit; authorization
HCR2032Cinitiatives; single subject; title
HCR2033Csecond amendment; supporting
HCR2036Csanctuary jurisdiction; prohibition; law enforcement
HCR2038P*special agency funds; limitation
HM2002Cmilitary sexual trauma; servicemembers
SB1328Cappropriations; direct services; referrals.
SB1398Ctax omnibus
SB1527Ce-liquids; tobacco products; vapor products
SB1552Cdevelopmental disability providers; rates; appropriations