House Member

Personal Information:
Home City: Yuma
Member Since: 2015

Charlene earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Northern Arizona University. She worked for Congressman Ed Pastor for twelve years, coordinating constituent services for the western portion of then Congressional District 2. While working for Congressman Pastor, Charlene spearheaded an effort that culminated in bringing a Veteran's Administration clinic to Yuma County for the first time in history; previously the Phoenix Veterans facility was the closest place for them to receive these services. Charlene also helped numerous residents work through the red tape of the Federal Government for services ranging from Social Security to agriculture programs. She also served in a similar capacity for Congressman Raul Grijalva. Her vast experience led her to becoming a consultant for a software company that produced a Constituent Management System for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Charlene later served Governor Janet Napolitano as a liaison for the Arizona Department of Environment Quality in Yuma County. In this capacity she worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as well as its counterpart in the Republic of Mexico, to ensure that the air and water in Southwestern Arizona remained safe while ensuring that businesses faced minimal impact.

As an educator Charlene decided to make an impact outside of the classroom by being elected to Yuma Union High School District Governing Board, serving as president and vice president. On the board, she became an outspoken advocate for students while working with staff to ensure fair conditions — she advocated for the cafeteria workers during a time when their concerns were not being taken under consideration. Charlene worked with budget experts to ensure that physical education teachers and registered nurses continued to provide their services, which were critically needed in their schools.

As a community-minded citizen, Charlene devotes time to local charities serving on boards and lending her experience to their challenges.

Charlene and her husband, Sergio, have three children: Brian, Carlye, and Lisa. She lives with her husband in central Yuma less than two miles from where she was raised.

Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2057CSTO scholarships; beneficiary recommendations
HB2058CSTO credit cap; growth trigger
HB2059P*STO aggregate credit cap; freeze.
HB2060CSTO scholarships; means testing
HB2061CSTOs; administrative cost allocation
HB2062CSTO cap; general fund percentage
HB2063CSTO scholarships; student transfers
HB2081Cschools; compulsory attendance age; increase
HB2082Cschools; daily recess time
HB2083Cschools; overrides; ballot language
HB2101Cprivate prison contractors; public records
HB2102Cprivate prison security officers; certification
HB2103Cprivate prison study committee
HB2104Civory; rhinoceros horn; sales; prohibition
HB2140CArizona silver-haired legislature
HB2141CDHS; state food standards
HB2142Cfoster parents; training
HB2148Cpublic safety; violence prevention; committee
HB2183Clifetime limit; cash assistance
HB2184Cat-risk youth; career, college readiness
HB2223Cchild care waiting list; appropriation
HB2227Clegislators; mileage rate
HB2266Ccash assistance; lifetime limit
HB2277Cnational popular vote; interstate agreement
HB2278Cmotor vehicle title loans; prohibition
HB2292Cvoting rights; restoration; felonies.
HB2312Ccriminal history; hiring practices; limitation
HB2323Ccritical health information; emergency responders
HB2327Crepeal; right to work.
HB2328Ccorporate income tax rate; freeze
HB2336Cend-of-life decisions; terminally ill
HB2341Cnational guard; deployment; professional licenses
HB2342Cveterans' services; benefits counselors; appropriation
HB2343Cdual language education; study committee
HB2344Cstate board; community colleges
HB2345Cstudy; state board; community colleges
HB2347Cemployment omnibus
HB2364Cemployment; housing; public accommodations; antidiscrimination.
HB2383Cstate finance review; task force.
HB2384Cconsular identification cards; prohibition; repeal.
HB2391Cappropriation; JTEDs; 9th grade
HB2393Cnoncertificated school employees; due process
HB2401Chealth care providers; religious beliefs
HB2407Cappropriation; counties; essential services
HB2414Cwage disclosure; employee rights
HB2424P*mitigation monies; school bus fleets
HB2425P*appropriation; highway user revenue fund
HB2426P*community health workers; voluntary certification.
HB2427P*misconduct involving weapons; firearm storage
HB2428Cprisoners; earned release credits
HB2429Cabortion; admitting privileges; repeal
HB2439Chome health aides; qualifications
HB2441Caggregate STO credit cap; freeze
HB2442CAHCCCS; dental care; pregnant women
HB2446Ccontracting; investments; prohibition; border wall
HB2455Cappropriation; untested sexual assault kits
HB2456Cpresidential candidates, electors; tax returns.
HB2474Cveterans; mental health courts; establishment
HB2478CTPT; Indian tribes; motor vehicles
HB2479CAHCCCS; waivers; tribal exemptions
HB2487Clottery distributions; teacher salary increases
HB2489Conline impersonation; offense
HB2490Cliquor licenses; municipalities; disapproval
HB2505Cappropriation; adult protective services
HB2519Cappropriation; child care subsidy program
HB2531Cclean elections; county candidates
HB2532Cstate-owned bank task force
HB2535Cconcurrent criminal jurisdiction; Goldwater range
HCM2004Curging Congress; affordable care act
HCR2008Ceducation finance; excise tax rates
HCR2015Cright to work; repeal.
HCR2016Ccare enough; get in way
HCR2017Cschools; English language requirement; repeal.
HCR2021Csuicide prevention month
HCR2024P*Latina-owned businesses; support
HR2003CArizona aerospace day
SB1126Cschools; prohibited courses; repeal.
SB1337Cindustrial hemp; licensing
SB1518Cdeath penalty; repeal
SB1519Crepeal; right to work
SCM1013Curging Congress; affordable care act.
SCR1004Cdeath resolution; Gus Arzberger
SCR1005Cdeath resolution; George Lemen
SCR1006Cdeath resolution; M. Lee Allison
SCR1007Cdeath resolution; John Hays
SCR1008Cdeath resolution; Rick Lavis
SCR1022CLions clubs; centennial anniversary; recognition
SCR1025CLatina-owned businesses; support.
SCR1030Cright to work; repeal
SCR1031CChicano history week
SCR1032Cprevention of violence; support
SCR1034Cdeath resolution; Eleanor Ann Day