Fifty-sixth Legislature

First Regular Session


                            ARIZONA STATE SENATE


                                                            THIRD READING #1


                                                                  April 11, 2023



HB 2012        real estate appraisers; licensure classifications

                        (Now: repeal; massage therapy; communication proficiency)


HB 2062        Gila River Indian Community plates.

                        (Now: license plates; special plates)


HB 2516        child abuse; investigations; forensic interview


HB 2607        meetings; homeowners' associations

                        (Now: board members; condominiums; planned communities)


HB 2717        communicable disease information; 911 dispatchers

                        (Now: trauma counseling; 911 dispatchers)




HB 2090        emergency and military affairs; continuation


HB 2194        drug overdose fatality review teams


HB 2198        claimant; guardian ad litem; procedure


HB 2208        department of liquor licenses; continuation


HB 2209        economic opportunity; industrial development authority


HB 2215        hazardous waste manifest resubmittals; fees


HB 2216        hazardous air pollutants program


HB 2301        homeowners' associations; political activity


HB 2339        prisoners; medical records; family access


HB 2375        state land transfer; Bullhead City