REVISED                                                      REVISED                                          REVISED


Fifty-sixth Legislature

Second Regular Session


                            ARIZONA STATE SENATE


                                                              THIRD READING


                                                                March 27, 2024



HB 2013        water improvements program; nonprofit corporations


HB 2019        groundwater model; public inspection; challenge


HB 2027        subsequent AMAs; assured water supply


HB 2031        county supervisors; population; membership


HB 2039        provisional community colleges; accreditation; oversight


HB 2055        underground water storage; permitting


HB 2079        food handler certificate; volunteers; limits


HB 2090        apprenticeship programs; completion; ROC filings


HB 2110        mechanics' liens; notice


HB 2116        fatality review; information; access


HB 2123        wells; water measuring devices; prohibition


HB 2125        annexation; notice; approval


HB 2172        charter schools; state board; continuation


HB 2183        parental rights; medical records


HB 2184        brackish groundwater pilot program


HB 2185        liquor; policies; procedures


HB 2199        restaurants; small alcohol ratio exemption

                        (Now: life care contract; disclosure)


HB 2203        public retirement plans; liabilities; administration


HB 2206        ASRS; contingent annuitants

                        (Now: ASRS; contingent annuitants; account information)


HB 2244        misbranding; misrepresenting; food products

                        (Now: misrepresenting; food products)


HB 2245        narcotic drugs; fentanyl; sentencing


HB 2246        purple star school designation; requirements


HB 2252        professional employer organization; repeal


HB 2271        religious educational institution; special plates


HB 2308        occupational licenses; criminal offense; prohibition


HB 2309        GPLET; agreement posting; abatement period


HB 2311        schools; enrollment preference; armed forces


HB 2322        peace officers; discipline; modification


HB 2370        oxygenated fuel; federal approval; extension


HB 2375        guaranteed income program; prohibition


HB 2393        presidential preference; parties; voting methods


HB 2404        voter registration cards; mailing limitation


HB 2410        motor vehicle dealers; franchises


HB 2444        grievance process; payment methods; report


HB 2482        voter registration changes; text notice


HB 2502        SNAP; mandatory employment; training


HB 2503        SNAP; waivers; exemptions


HB 2545        annual vehicle emissions testing; exemption


HB 2546        vehicle emissions; exemption


HB 2586        harmful website content; age verification.


HB 2609        auto theft authority; fee overpayment


HB 2629        schools; instruction; victims of communism


HB 2645        foster children; high school; transfer



HB 2760        Holocaust education study committee

                        (Now: study committee; Holocaust; other genocides)


HB 2779        Holocaust education; instruction requirements


HB 2788        United Nations; sustainable development; prohibition


HB 2793        school policies; internet; wireless devices


HB 2818        service members; flags; half-staff


HCM 2001     reevaluate restrictions; chemical industry


HCM 2004     federal land acquisition; acreage return


HCM 2005     federal lands; transfer to states




HB 2012        department of forestry; continuation