Fifty-sixth Legislature

Second Regular Session


                            ARIZONA STATE SENATE


                                                              THIRD READING


                                                                March 25, 2024



HB 2006        real estate; acting in concert


HB 2042        food preparation; sale; cottage food


HB 2100        administrative completeness review; licensing


HB 2146        mobile homes; cooling; prohibition


HB 2174        school personnel; emergency glucagon administration


HB 2380        TPT; municipalities; audits; guidelines


HB 2454        kinship foster care; hearings; reports




HB 2004        utilities; electronic filings; corporation commission


HB 2048        Arizona wine trail special plates


HB 2051        joint training; surveyors; providers


HB 2071        dentists; registration; civil penalty; repeal


HB 2081        cremation.


HB 2087        self-storage facilities; valuation; vehicles; towing


HB 2093        emergency services; prudent layperson; definition


HB 2107        department of homeland security; continuation


HB 2113        medical assistants; scope of practice


HB 2141        condominiums; interior improvements; approvals


HB 2191        property; criminal damage


HB 2208        continuation; ASRS


HB 2250        state board of equalization; continuation.


HB 2304        Buffalo Soldiers Arizona territory monument


HB 2381        non-contiguous county island fire districts


HB 2408        property tax assessment; destroyed property


HB 2433        mental health transition program; release


HB 2473        licensure renewal; fee waiver


HB 2477        state planet; Pluto


HB 2511        diversion; juveniles; conditions


HB 2520        community health centers; graduate education


HB 2548        military installations; general plan amendments

                        (Now: military installations; general plans; land)


HB 2567        ovarian cancer plates; deadline extension


HB 2634        department of revenue; reuse zone


HB 2875        tax payments; electronic funds transfer