REVISED                                                      REVISED                                          REVISED


Fifty-fifth Legislature

First Regular Session


                            ARIZONA STATE SENATE


                                                              THIRD READING


                                                              February 17, 2021



SB 1004         state finance review; task force


SB 1177         forest products; processing; tax credit


SB 1258         state of emergency; tolling; permits


SB 1292         appropriation; dyslexia and literacy services

                          (Now: reading proficiency; dyslexia; literacy; appropriation)


SB 1302         CTEDs; average daily membership.


SB 1310         support cancer victims special plates

                          (Now: special plates; cancer; real estate)


SB 1327         tax credit; affordable housing


SB 1331         veterans' income tax; exemption


SB 1366         remediated water; groundwater; use


SB 1370         environmental quality; program terminations; repeal


SB 1388         behavioral health facilities; respite; exemptions


SB 1407         DUI; incarceration credits; calculation


SB 1442         hazardous vegetation removal; state forester


HB 2042        aquifer protection permits; injection wells

                        (Substituted for SB 1364)





SB 1222         conservation districts; water; invasive vegetation.


SB 1249         conviction; set aside; traffic violations


SB 1266         competency evaluation; records; appointments


SB 1280         tax credit review; evaluation standard


SB 1335         off-highway vehicle recreation fund


SB 1338         historic preservation; state museum; transfer


SB 1378         office of Sonora; continuation