8-383. Implementation of rights and duties

A. Except as provided in sections 8-386 and 8-412 and section 8-389, subsection B, the rights and duties that are established by this article arise on the arrest or formal charging of a juvenile who is alleged to be responsible for a delinquent act against a victim. The rights and duties continue to be enforceable pursuant to this article until the final disposition of the charges, including acquittal or dismissal of the charges, all postadjudication release, review and appellate proceedings and the discharge of all proceedings related to restitution. If a delinquent is ordered to pay restitution to a victim, the rights and duties continue to be enforceable until restitution is paid or a judgment is entered in favor of the victim pursuant to section 8-344.

B. If a juvenile's adjudication is reversed and the case is returned to the juvenile court for further proceedings, the victim has the same rights that were applicable to the delinquency proceedings that led to the appeal or other postadjudication relief proceeding.

C. After the final termination of a delinquency proceeding by dismissal or acquittal, a person who has received notice and has the right to be present and be heard pursuant to the victims' bill of rights, article II, section 2.1, Constitution of Arizona, this article or any court rule is no longer entitled to those rights.