46-459. Adult protective services registry

A. The department of economic security shall maintain a registry of substantiated reports of abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable adults made pursuant to section 46-458.  The department shall incorporate duplicate reports on the same incident in the original report and shall not classify duplicate reports as new reports.

B. The registry shall contain the name and date of birth of the person determined to have abused, neglected or exploited a vulnerable adult, the nature of the allegation made and the date and description of the disposition of the allegation.  The names of the vulnerable adult and reporting source shall not be reported to the registry.

C. The department shall maintain a report in the registry for twenty-five years after the date of entry.

D. The department shall annually purge reports and investigative outcomes received pursuant to the time frames prescribed in subsection C of this section.

E. Any person who was the subject of an adult protective services investigation may request confirmation that the department has purged information about the person pursuant to subsection D of this section.  On receipt of this request, the department shall provide the person with written confirmation that the department has no record containing identifying information about that person.

F. Information maintained pursuant to subsection B of this section shall be made available to the public on written request and online.  The department may charge a fee for processing written requests.