45-595. Well construction requirements; licensing of well drillers

A. New well construction, including modifications of wells, shall be performed under the direct and personal supervision of a well driller who holds a well driller's license pursuant to subsection B of this section.

B. A person who intends to construct or modify one or more wells in this state shall file an application for a well driller's license with the director.  The application shall include:

1. The name, mailing address and place of business of the applicant.

2. The applicant's experience and qualifications.

3. Such other information as the director may require.

C. The director, by rule, shall establish qualifications and a reasonable fee of not more than fifty dollars for licenses for well drillers and establish procedures for the evaluation and licensing of applicants. A nontransferable well driller's license shall be issued if the director finds that the applicant meets the qualifications established pursuant to this subsection. The director may revoke a well driller's license for good cause.

D. A person who drills or modifies an exempt well on land owned by that person shall first obtain a single well license from the department.  The department shall issue the license to drill the well according to standard small well construction standards. No fee may be charged for a single well license.

E. The director shall deposit, pursuant to sections 35-146 and 35-147, all fees received under this section in the water resources fund established by section 45-117.