44-7041. Creation; retention; conversion of written records

A. Each governmental agency shall determine if, and the extent to which, the governmental agency will create and retain electronic records and convert written records to electronic records. Any governmental agency that is subject to the management, preservation, determination of value and disposition of records requirements prescribed in sections 41-151.12, 41-151.13, 41-151.14, 41-151.15, 41-151.16, 41-151.17, 41-151.18 and 41-151.19 and the permanent public records requirements prescribed in section 39-101 shall comply with those requirements.

B. State agencies shall comply with the standards adopted by the department of administration pursuant to title 18, chapter 1.

C. All governmental agencies shall comply with the policies that are established pursuant to section 18-106 and that apply to the use of electronic signatures.