44-1261. Definitions; exemptions

A. In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. "Consumer" means the purchaser, other than for purposes of resale, of a motor vehicle, any person to whom the motor vehicle is transferred during the duration of an express warranty applicable to the motor vehicle or any other person entitled by the terms of the warranty to enforce the obligations of the warranty.

2. "Motor vehicle" means a self-propelled vehicle designated primarily for the transportation of persons or property over the public highways.

3. "Used motor vehicle" means a motor vehicle that has been sold, bargained, exchanged or given away or the title to which has been transferred from the person who first acquired the vehicle from the manufacturer, importer or dealer or agent of the manufacturer or importer and that has been placed in bona fide consumer use.

4. "Used motor vehicle dealer" means a person or business that sells or offers for sale a used motor vehicle after selling or offering for sale four or more used motor vehicles in the previous twelve months but does not include a bank or financial institution, an insurance company, a business selling a used motor vehicle to an employee of that business, a lessor selling a leased vehicle by or to the lessee of that vehicle or to an employee of the lessee of that vehicle or a person who buys, sells, exchanges or offers or attempts to negotiate a sale of or exchange an interest in a classic car as defined in section 28-2483 or a historic vehicle as defined in section 28-2484.

B. If the motor vehicle is a motor home, the provisions of this article shall apply to the self-propelled vehicle and chassis but not to those portions of the vehicle designed, used or maintained primarily as a mobile dwelling, office or commercial space.

C. The provisions of this article do not apply to a sale of a motor vehicle to a purchaser for the purpose of resale for profit or to a motor vehicle with a declared gross weight over ten thousand pounds or that is sold at a public auction.