42-1253. Appeal to state board of tax appeals; definition

A. Except for the provisions of section 42-1251, subsection B and section 42-1254, subsection C that provide for an option to bypass all or part of the administrative appeals process in certain tax disputes, a person aggrieved by a final decision or order of the department under section 42-1251, article 3 of this chapter or section 42-2065, 42-2068, 42-2069, 42-2074, 42-2201 or 42-2202 may appeal to the state board of tax appeals by filing a notice of appeal in writing within thirty days after the decision or order from which the appeal is taken has become final.

B. The board shall take testimony and examine documentary evidence as necessary to determine the appeal, all pursuant to administrative rules to govern such appeals.

C. On determining the appeal the board shall issue a decision consistent with its determination. The board's decision is final on the expiration of thirty days from the date when notice of its action is received by the taxpayer, unless either the department or the taxpayer brings an action in tax court as provided in section 42-1254.

D. If the amount in any single dispute before the board is less than twenty-five thousand dollars, a taxpayer may be represented in that dispute before the board by:

1. A certified public accountant.

2. A person who is enrolled to practice before the United States internal revenue service and is recognized as an enrolled agent.

3. Any other person who is authorized by the taxpayer under a properly executed power of attorney and who was previously or is currently retained by the taxpayer for purposes other than representation in a hearing before the board.

E. If a practitioner who represents a taxpayer before the board pursuant to subsection D of this section fails to comply with an order or rule of the board, the board may impose sanctions including one or both of the following:

1. Order that the stipulation of the facts proposed by the department of revenue be accepted.

2. Suspend the practitioner from further practice before the board either for a specific period of time or until the board removes the suspension.

F. For the purposes of this section, "practitioner" means a person, other than a party, who files documents with or appears before the board in connection with a matter before the board.