41-5608. Discretionary allowances

A. A sandbox participant may request an extension of the regulatory sandbox testing period or an increase in the consumer cap established by section 41-5605 for the purpose of pursuing a license or other authorization required by law. 

B. The attorney general may grant or deny a request pursuant to subsection A of this section within thirty days after the request. A request granted pursuant to this subsection may not be effective for more than one year after the approval date.

C. A sandbox participant that obtains an extension or increase pursuant to subsection B of this section must provide the attorney general with a written report every three months that provides an update on efforts to obtain a license or other authorization, including any submitted applications for licensure or other authorization, rejected applications or issued licenses or other authorization.

D. The attorney general may deny requests made under subsection A of this section, and a denial is not an appealable agency action for the purposes of chapter 6, article 10 of this title.