41-1511. State broadband office; director; duties

A. The state broadband office is established in the authority.

B. The state broadband office consists of the state broadband director, who serves at the pleasure of the chief executive officer. The chief executive officer may hire staff for the state broadband office to do the following:

1. Coordinate the implementation of local, state and federal broadband programs.

2. Coordinate and execute federal broadband grant applications with public and private stakeholders.

3. Provide guidance and support to stakeholders in navigating local, state and federal regulatory and permitting processes for broadband infrastructure projects.

4. Provide guidance and support to local and state public and private partners on federal, state and local broadband policies and practices.

5. Solicit feedback from stakeholders to develop long-term local, state and federal broadband policy priorities that may influence local, state and federal broadband policies and programs.

6. Work with local partners, state and federal agencies and telecommunication providers to develop plans to improve internet connectivity and resiliency in this state.

C. The state broadband office shall publish and maintain a state broadband plan that further elaborates on the strategies and tactics to achieve this state's broadband goals.

D. The state broadband office may develop rules and guidelines to implement this section.