41-151.09. Depository of official archives

A. The state library is the central depository of all official books, records and documents, including electronic records, not in current use of the various state officers and departments of this state and the counties, cities and towns. These materials constitute the state archives. The state archives shall be carefully kept and preserved, classified, catalogued and made available for inspection under rules the director adopts.

B. State officers in possession of official state or territorial archives shall deposit those archives with the state library.

C. Any county, municipal or other public official shall retain or deposit with the state library for permanent preservation pursuant to section 39-101 official books, records, documents and original papers not in current use.  The clerk of the superior court shall deposit and the state library shall preserve all permanent superior court case files pursuant to court rules.

D. The state library shall make birth and death records held in the state library archives available for inspection as follows:

1. Birth records if seventy-five years have passed after the date of birth as recorded on the birth certificate.

2. Death records if fifty years have passed after the date of death.