37-723. Distribution of money received from United States; appropriations to counties

A. All monies received by the state as its distributive shares of the amounts collected by the United States government under the provisions of the act of Congress of June 28, 1934 known as the Taylor grazing act, and acts amendatory thereof, shall be deposited with the state treasurer.  The treasurer shall distribute the funds to the several counties of the state in which the public lands are located.

B. The state treasurer shall ascertain from the proper United States officers having the records of receipts from grazing permits and leased public lands the amount of receipts from sources in this state for each year for which money is received by the state. A separate account shall be kept of the amount received from each grazing district and lease of public lands, and the state treasurer shall pay the county in which the grazing district or leased public land is located. If the grazing district or leased land lies in more than one county, each county shall receive the proportional part of the amount as the area of the grazing district or leased public land included within the boundary of the county bears to the total area of the grazing district or lease.

C. For the purposes of this section the monies deposited with the state treasurer as provided by subsection A are appropriated to the several counties of the state in the proportions in which the counties are entitled thereto, as shown by the records of the United States officers and transmitted to the state treasurer.