36-672. Immunizations; department rules

A. Consistent with section 15-873, the director shall adopt rules prescribing required immunizations for school attendance, the approved means of immunization and indicated reinforcing immunizations for diseases and identifying types of health agencies and health care providers that may sign a laboratory evidence of immunity. The rules shall include the required doses and recommended optimum ages for administration of the immunizations, persons who are authorized representatives to sign on behalf of a health agency and other provisions necessary to implement this article.

B. The director, in consultation with the superintendent of public instruction, shall develop by rule standards for documentary proof.

C. The following immunizations are not required for school attendance:

1. The immunization against the human papillomavirus.

2. An immunization for COVID-19 or any variant of COVID-19.

D. An immunization must be prescribed by a rule adopted pursuant to subsection A of this section before the immunization may be required for in-person school attendance.

E. Pursuant to section 1-602, this section does not preclude a parent's right to make health care decisions for the parent's minor child.