36-506. Civil rights not impaired; discrimination prohibited

A. Persons undergoing evaluation or treatment pursuant to this chapter shall not be denied any civil right, including but not limited to, the right to dispose of property, sue and be sued, enter into contractual relationships and vote. Court-ordered treatment or evaluation pursuant to this chapter is not a determination of legal incompetency, except to the extent provided in section 36-512.

B. A person who is or has been evaluated or treated in an agency for a mental disorder shall not be discriminated against in any manner, including but not limited to:

1. Seeking employment.

2. Resuming or continuing professional practice or previous occupation.

3. Obtaining or retaining housing.

4. Obtaining or retaining licenses or permits, including but not limited to, motor vehicle licenses, motor vehicle operators and chauffeurs licenses and professional or occupational licenses.

C. "Discrimination" for purposes of this section means any denial of civil rights on the grounds of hospitalization or outpatient care and treatment unrelated to a person's present capacity to meet the standards applicable to all persons. Applications for positions, licenses and housing shall contain no requests for information which encourage such discrimination.

D. Upon discharge from any treatment or evaluation agency, the patient shall be given written notice of the provisions of this section.