36-445.01. Confidentiality of information; conditions of disclosure

A. All proceedings, records and materials prepared in connection with the reviews provided for in section 36-445, including all peer reviews of individual health care providers practicing in and applying to practice in hospitals or outpatient surgical centers and the records of such reviews, are confidential and are not subject to discovery except in proceedings before the Arizona medical board or the board of osteopathic examiners, or in actions by an individual health care provider against a hospital or center or its medical staff arising from discipline of such individual health care provider or refusal, termination, suspension or limitation of the health care provider's privileges. No member of a committee established under the provisions of section 36-445 or officer or other member of a hospital's or center's medical, administrative or nursing staff engaged in assisting the hospital or center to carry out functions in accordance with that section or any person furnishing information to a committee performing peer review may be subpoenaed to testify in any judicial or quasi-judicial proceeding if the subpoena is based solely on those activities.

B. This article does not affect any patient's claim to privilege or privacy or to prevent the subpoena of a patient's medical records if they are otherwise subject to discovery or to restrict the powers and duties of the director pursuant to this chapter, with respect to records and information that are not subject to this article.  In any legal action brought against a hospital or outpatient surgical center licensed pursuant to this chapter claiming negligence for failure to adequately do peer review, representatives of the hospital or center are permitted to testify as to whether there was peer review as to the subject matter being litigated.  The contents and records of the peer review proceedings are fully confidential and inadmissible as evidence in any court of law.