36-187. County treasurer as treasurer of local departments of health; duties; collection of fees

A. In the case of a county health department, the county treasurer, as a part of the official duties as county treasurer, shall serve as treasurer of the department, and the official bond as county treasurer shall extend to and cover his duties as treasurer of the department.

B. The treasurer of the county shall, upon organization of the department, establish a health department fund to which shall be credited any monies appropriated from a general county or city fund or funds, any revenue received by the department and any monies received from state, federal or other grants or donations for local health purposes.  Any monies credited to such funds shall be expended only for the purposes of the local health department and claims or demands against the funds shall be allowed only if certified by the director of the department or the president of the local board of health or any other member of the board designated by the president for such purpose.

C. A county board of health established pursuant to this article may adopt a schedule of reasonable fees to be collected by the department for issuing or renewing licenses or permits or for other services as are authorized by law and the rules of the director of the department of health services or the director of environmental quality, provided that:

1. Fees for services shall not be assessed or collected for services rendered to individuals except when those services are for the convenience of the individual and not a part of the preventive or curative medical care of persons for whom the county has a legal responsibility.

2. Fees for services shall not exceed the reasonable cost of providing the services required, including administrative costs.

3. Any such fee or schedule shall be approved by the county board of supervisors.