36-183.06. Health inspectors; violations; notice to appear

A. If a health inspector has reasonable cause to believe that a person is violating this article, a sanitary ordinance or regulation adopted or order issued pursuant to this article or an order issued pursuant to section 36-602, the inspector may serve a notice of violation that contains a specific time and place for the alleged violator to appear and that specifies the statute, ordinance, regulation or order violated.  The inspector may serve the notice of violation on the person in the same manner provided in section 13-3903.  The notice of violation shall specify the penalty sought pursuant to section 36-183.07.

B. If a health inspector is unable to personally serve the notice, the notice may be served in the same manner prescribed for alternative methods of service by the Arizona rules of criminal procedure, and a response is required within the time prescribed by the rule under which it is served.

C. The notice must state the time prescribed for a response.