35-311. State board of investment; membership; powers and duties


(L08, Ch. 136, sec. 1.  Eff. until 7/1/20)


A. A state board of investment is established consisting of the state treasurer, the director of the department of administration, the superintendent of financial institutions and two individuals appointed by the state treasurer, one of whom shall have verifiable expertise in investment management and one of whom shall represent a public entity with current deposits in a local government investment pool. The state treasurer shall be chairman of the board. The board shall keep an accurate record of its proceedings. A certified copy of the record is prima facie evidence of the matters appearing in the record in any court. A meeting of the board may be called at any time by the chairman or a majority of the board members.

B. The state board of investment shall:

1. Hold regular monthly meetings.

2. Review investments of treasury monies.

3. Serve as trustees of the permanent state land funds and provide management of the assets of the funds consistent with the requirements of article X, section 7, Constitution of Arizona.

4. Serve as trustees of any endowments established pursuant to section 35-314.03.

C. The state treasurer shall furnish to the board of investment at its regular monthly meeting a report of the performance of current investments and a report of the current investments as of the close of business of the preceding month. The state treasurer shall make these reports available for inspection by the public during normal working hours at the office of the state treasurer for a period of time of not less than two years after the date of the report.

D. The board of investment may order the state treasurer to sell any of the securities, and any order shall specifically describe the securities and fix the time period during which they are to be sold. Securities so ordered to be sold shall be sold for cash by the state treasurer at the current market price. The state treasurer and the members of the board are not accountable for any loss occasioned by sales of securities at prices lower than their book value. Any loss shall be charged against earnings received from interest or capital gains on the applicable treasury monies.

E. The board may establish standards in addition to those established by section 35-317, subsection A for the qualification of agents acting pursuant to section 35-317, subsection B.