33-1407. Exclusions from application of chapter

A. This chapter does not apply to an occupancy in or operation of public housing as authorized, provided or conducted under or pursuant to title 36, chapter 12, or under or pursuant to any federal law or regulation that might conflict therewith.

B. This chapter does not apply to a mobile home and mobile home space if both are owned by the same person, to recreational vehicles or, except for sections 33-1476.01, 33-1476.02 and 33-1476.03, to travel trailers or to the rental of a mobile home space that is not located in a mobile home park.

C. This chapter does not apply to a mobile home that has not been occupied for residential purposes by one or more persons in its current location with the approval of the landlord since being titled to the mobile home's present owner unless the present owner proves by clear and convincing evidence that the mobile home owner acquired the mobile home for residential purposes but was prohibited from using the mobile home due to circumstances beyond the mobile home owner's control. This subsection includes a mobile home owned by a broker or dealer as defined in section 41-4001.