33-1318.01. Early release termination for law enforcement officers; definition

A. A law enforcement officer may terminate a rental agreement in the same manner established in section 33-1318 if the law enforcement officer provides to the landlord a written notice that the law enforcement officer is protected under an injunction against harassment issued pursuant to section 12-1809 and the injunction against harassment was issued within the thirty-day period immediately preceding lawful notice to the landlord, unless waived by the landlord.

B. If the law enforcement officer received any lease concession or benefit, the concession or benefit actually received or used shall be repaid to the landlord before vacating the dwelling.

C. All other rights, remedies and obligations provided in section 33-1318 apply to the landlord and the law enforcement officer.

D. For the purposes of this section, "law enforcement officer" has the same meaning prescribed in section 38-1101.