32-3552. Grounds for denial of licenses or disciplinary action; judicial review

A. The board may deny an application for a license or take disciplinary action pursuant to section 32-3553 if the applicant or licensee:

1. Makes a material misrepresentation on an application or procures a license by fraud.

2. Negligently or knowingly employs an unlicensed person who represents himself as a licensed respiratory care practitioner.

3. Commits an act of unprofessional conduct.

4. Is convicted of a felony if the conviction has not been set aside by the court.  Conviction by a court of competent jurisdiction is presumptive evidence that the person committed the felony.

B. Except as provided in section 41-1092.08, subsection H, final decisions of the board are subject to judicial review pursuant to title 12, chapter 7, article 6.