32-3551. Use of title; initials; prohibited acts

A. A person who is licensed pursuant to this chapter may use:

1. The title "licensed respiratory care practitioner" or the initials "R.C.P." which indicate that he is a licensed respiratory care practitioner.

2. An initial or other suffix which indicates possession of a specific academic degree which is earned at an institution accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the national commission on accrediting and which the board determines is at least equivalent to its minimum standards.

3. An initial or initials which indicate possession of a specific credential issued by the national board for respiratory care, inc.

B. A person who is licensed pursuant to this chapter shall not use the prefix "Dr.", the word "doctor" or any other prefix, suffix or initials which indicate or imply that he is licensed pursuant to any other chapter of this title if he is not.

C. A student enrolled in a respiratory therapy training program shall be identified as a respiratory care practitioner student or by the initials "R.C.P.S.".