32-3504. Powers and duties; inspection of records; personnel examinations; immunity; program termination

A. The board shall:

1. Enforce and administer the provisions of this chapter.

2. Adopt rules necessary to administer this chapter.

3. Examine applicants for licensure pursuant to this chapter at times and places it designates.

4. Investigate each applicant for licensure, before a license is issued, in order to determine if the applicant is qualified pursuant to this chapter.

5. Keep a record of all its acts and proceedings pursuant to this chapter, including the issuance, refusal, renewal, suspension or revocation of licenses.

6. Require each applicant for initial licensure to submit a full set of fingerprints to the board for a state and federal criminal history records check pursuant to section 41-1750 and Public Law 92-544.

7. Maintain a register that contains the name, the last known place of residence and the date and number of the license of all persons who are licensed pursuant to this chapter.

8. Compile, once every two years, a list of licensed respiratory care practitioners who are authorized to practice in this state.

9. Establish minimum annual continuing education requirements for persons who are licensed under this chapter. The board shall approve organizations from which continuing education classes may be accepted.

10. Establish a confidential program for the monitoring of licensees who are chemically dependent and who enroll in rehabilitation programs that meet the criteria established by the board. The board may take further action if the licensee refuses to enter into a stipulated agreement or fails to comply with its terms. In order to protect the public health and safety, the confidentiality requirements of this paragraph do not apply if the licensee does not comply with the stipulated agreement.

B. The board, in approving education programs for respiratory therapists, shall consider the requirements and standards set by the commission on accreditation for respiratory care or its successor organization. The board may recognize examinations administered by a national board for respiratory care approved by the board.

C. The board may conduct examinations under a uniform examination system and may make arrangements with the national board of respiratory care or other organizations regarding examination materials it determines necessary and desirable.

D. The board and its members, personnel and board examiners are personally immune from suit with respect to all acts done and actions taken in good faith and in furtherance of the purposes of this chapter.

E. The program established pursuant to subsection A, paragraph 10 of this section ends on July 1, 2026 pursuant to section 41-3102.