32-3226. Address of record; disclosure; telephone number or email address; definition

A. A health profession regulatory board shall have, for each licensee under the board's regulation, an address of record designated by the licensee that may be disclosed to the public. If the licensee designates the licensee's residential address as the address of record, the board shall notify the licensee of the public disclosure and allow the licensee to opt out of the disclosure.

B. Each licensee who is required to maintain patient medical records must have on file with the licensee's health profession regulatory board a telephone number or email address for the board to provide to a patient who is seeking medical records.

C. A health profession regulatory board shall designate associations of licensed health professionals that may receive on request the contact information and addresses of record for all health professionals under the board's regulation, including health professionals who have opted out of public disclosure. An association of licensed health professions that receives contact information and addresses of record from a health profession regulatory board may not transfer or sell that information.

D. This section does not prohibit a health profession regulatory board from providing to the department of health services or a university under the jurisdiction of the Arizona board of regents information and data concerning the health profession regulatory board's licensees for research purposes if the information and data are not distributed to the public in a format that includes a licensee's personally identifiable information.

E. For the purposes of this section, "address of record" means either:

1. The address where a health professional practices the person's health profession or is otherwise employed.

2. The health professional's residential address.