32-1693. Denial, suspension and revocation of license; other disciplinary sanctions

A. The board may deny the application of any applicant who fails to meet the qualifications prescribed by this chapter or board rules.

B. The board may take any combination of the following disciplinary actions against a licensee pursuant to section 32-1691.01:

1. Suspend or revoke the license.  Suspension of a license shall be for a specified period not to exceed one year.

2. Enter a decree of censure.  In entering a decree of censure the board may require that restitution be made to the aggrieved party.

3. Place a licensee on probation. In the issuance of an order fixing a period and terms of probation, the board shall be guided by such considerations as are necessary to protect the public health, safety and welfare and to rehabilitate the licensee.

4. Enter an order of restitution.

5. Impose a civil penalty of not more than one thousand dollars for each violation of this chapter or board rules.

C. Reapplication for a license after revocation shall be made in the same manner as the application for an original license and not sooner than two years after the date the board revoked the license.

D. Failure to comply with any final board order, including an order prescribed by this section, is cause for suspension or revocation of a license.