32-1131. Definitions

In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. "Assessment" means the contribution by a contractor to the residential contractors' recovery fund.

2. "Fund" means the residential contractors' recovery fund.

3. "Person injured":

(a) Means any owner of residential real property that is either noncommercial historic property as defined in section 42-12101 or classified as class three property under section 42-12003. The property must also be actually occupied or intended to be occupied by the owner as a residence including community property, tenants in common or joint tenants who are damaged by the failure of a residential contractor or a dual licensed contractor to adequately build or improve a residential structure or appurtenance on that real property.

(b) Includes lessees of residential real property who contract directly with a residential contractor or indirectly with a subcontractor of that contractor and homeowners' or unit owners' associations after transfer of control from the builder or developer for damages to the common elements within the complex.

4. "Residential contractor" means a contractor as defined in section 32-1101 who is licensed to perform work on residential property pursuant to this chapter and who engages in residential contracting.