32-1127. Responsible managing employee and qualifying party; definitions

The terms "responsible managing employee" and "qualifying party" shall, for the purpose of administering this chapter, be synonymous, and shall mean an employee who is regularly employed by the licensee and is actively engaged in the classification of work for which such responsible managing employee qualifies in behalf of the licensee. While engaged as a qualifying party for a licensee, the qualifying party shall not take other employment that would conflict with his duties as qualifying party or conflict with his ability to adequately supervise the work performed by the licensee. Such person may act in the capacity of the qualifying party for one additional licensee if one of the following conditions exists:

1. There is a common ownership of at least twenty-five per cent of each licensed entity for which the person acts in a qualifying capacity.

2. One licensee is a subsidiary of another licensee for which the same person acts in a qualifying capacity. "Subsidiary" as used in this section means a corporation of which at least twenty-five per cent is owned by the other licensee.