32-141. Firm registration

A. A firm shall not engage in the practice of any board-regulated profession or occupation unless the firm is registered with the board and the professional services are conducted under the full authority and responsible charge of a principal of the firm, who is also a registrant.

B. A person shall file a registration application for each branch office that is located in this state and that is part of a firm registered with the board. The branch office application shall list a designated registrant having full authority and responsible charge of the professional services of that branch office.  The designated registrant in a branch office need not be a principal of the firm.

C. A firm wishing to offer professional services in this state shall file with the board an application for registration on a form that is provided by the board and accompanied by the appropriate application fee as prescribed by the board.  Firms shall also identify responsible registrants by the registrant's registration certificate number. Each firm shall list a description of the services the firm is offering to the public. The board shall be notified in writing within thirty days of any change occurring in the registered principals, any change in the firm's name or address or any change in a branch office address or designated registrant. Except as provided in section 32-4301, a new application shall be filed each year by the firm within thirty days of the anniversary date of the original firm registration.

D. No firm may advertise its availability to perform home inspections by home inspectors certified pursuant to this chapter unless each home inspection is performed by a home inspector certified pursuant to this chapter and each home inspection report is prepared as a result of the inspector's on-site observation.