31-230. Prisoner spendable accounts; fees

A. The director shall establish a prisoner spendable account for each prisoner. All monies that are received by a prisoner and that are not required to be deposited in another account shall be deposited in the prisoner's spendable account.

B. The director shall adopt rules for the disbursement of monies from prisoner spendable accounts.

C. If the court has ordered the prisoner to pay restitution pursuant to section 13-603, the director shall withdraw a minimum of twenty percent, or the balance owing on the restitution amount, up to a maximum of fifty percent of the monies available in the prisoner's spendable account each month to pay the court ordered restitution.

D. The director may establish by rule a fee for any deposits made to a prisoner spendable account.  The director shall deposit, pursuant to sections 35-146 and 35-147, any monies collected pursuant to this subsection in the department of corrections building renewal fund established by section 41-797.

E. Before a prisoner's discharge, the state department of corrections may withdraw from the prisoner's spendable account any applicable fees prescribed by title 28 or the department of transportation's rules for the issuance of either a driver license or a nonoperating identification license to the prisoner, if eligible.