3-1421. Formation

A. A majority of all taxpayers, according to the last preceding tax assessment roll, residing on land in an irrigation district containing not less than thirty-five thousand acres of irrigable land for which water is available, or a majority of all taxpayers residing upon any portion of a compact body of land containing not less than twenty thousand acres and where at least seventy-five per cent of the area of such body of land is being successfully irrigated, or a majority of all taxpayers residing upon a body of land containing not less than one thousand acres when the land is contiguous to the limits of an incorporated city or town which had a population of not less than thirty thousand people as shown by the last preceding United States census, and such body of land extending not more than twelve miles in one direction beyond the limits of such incorporated town or city, may petition the board of supervisors of the county in which such district or land is situated that a no-fence district be formed and that no fence be required around the land in the no-fence district designated in the petition.

B. Upon filing the petition, the board shall immediately enter the contents upon its records and order that the no-fence district be formed.