29-4105. Special restrictions

A. A professional limited liability company may render a category of professional services in this state only through its members, managers, officers, agents and employees who are themselves licensed persons qualified in this state to perform that category of professional services.  This article does not limit or restrict the operation of any limited liability company or its members, including any licensed person, to the extent the company is otherwise authorized under applicable law administered by the licensing authority to render professional services through a limited liability company that is not subject to this article.

B. A professional limited liability company may issue a transferable interest or admit as a member any person unless the company is prohibited from doing so by the licensing authority.

C. A transferable interest in a professional limited liability company may be transferred to any person unless the transfer is prohibited by the licensing authority. A member that transfers a transferable interest in violation of this subsection shall be deemed to have dissociated as a member under section 29-3602.