29-3116. Statement of change

A. A limited liability company or registered foreign limited liability company may change its statutory agent, its principal address, the address of one or more of its managers or members or the address of its statutory agent by delivering to the commission for filing a statement of change that states both of the following:

1. The name of the company or foreign company.

2. The information that is to be in effect as a result of the filing of the statement of change.

B. The members or managers of a limited liability company are not required to approve the delivery to the commission for filing of either:

1. A statement of change under this section.

2. A similar filing changing the statutory agent or principal address, if any, of the company in any other jurisdiction.

C. Unless the successor statutory agent signed the statement of change, the appointment of a successor statutory agent is not effective until the successor statutory agent, the limited liability company or the registered foreign limited liability company delivers a record to the commission signed by the successor statutory agent accepting the change or the appointment.

D. As an alternative to using the procedure in this section, a limited liability company may amend its articles of organization or a registered foreign limited liability company may file an amendment of foreign registration statement under section 29-3904.