28-4836. Towed vehicles; notification; Arizona crime information center database; violation; classification

A. Except if acting under the direction of a peace officer, a person who moves or tows a vehicle into a public garage, parking lot, storage yard or automotive recycling yard or on private property without the consent of the vehicle owner or the owner's agent shall notify the law enforcement agency of the jurisdiction where the vehicle was located before the moving or towing. The notification shall be by telephone within one hour of the time the vehicle is moved or towed.

B. Within three business days after a law enforcement agency receives notice pursuant to this section, the law enforcement agency shall enter information about the moving or towing of the vehicle in the Arizona crime information center database.

C. A person who fails to comply with subsection A of this section forfeits all claims for towing and storing the vehicle and is guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor.