28-2513. Mopeds

Notwithstanding any other provision of this title:

1. A certificate of title is not required for a moped that is registered pursuant to this chapter.

2. A number permanently affixed to the frame of the moped identifies the moped for registration purposes.

3. The license tax imposed by article IX, section 11, Constitution of Arizona, is four dollars fifty cents for each moped registered each year.

4. A moped is exempt from the provisions of section 28-964 relating to required equipment on motorcycles and motor driven cycles and from the provisions of title 49, chapter 3, article 5 relating to vehicle emissions inspections.

5. The motor vehicle fee for registration or reregistration of a moped is five dollars. All other fees applicable to motor vehicles also apply to a moped.

6. Any class of driver license is valid for operating a moped.

7. A moped is restricted from rights-of-way designated for exclusive use by bicycles.