28-1171. Definitions

In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. "Access road" means a multiple use corridor that meets all of the following criteria:

(a) Is maintained for travel by two-wheel vehicles.

(b) Allows entry to staging areas, recreational facilities, trail heads and parking.

(c) Is determined to be an access road by the appropriate land managing authority.

2. "Closed course" means a maintained facility that uses department approved dust abatement and fire abatement measures.

3. "Highway" means the entire width between the boundary lines of every way publicly maintained by the federal government, the department, a city, a town or a county if any part of the way is generally open to the use of the public for purposes of conventional two-wheel drive vehicular travel. Highway does not include routes designated for off-highway vehicle use.

4. "Mitigation" means the rectification or reduction of existing damage to natural resources, including flora, fauna and land or cultural resources, including prehistoric or historic archaeological sites, if the damage is caused by off-highway vehicles.

5. "Off-highway recreation facility" includes off-highway vehicle use areas and trails designated for use by off-highway vehicles.

6. "Off-highway vehicle":

(a) Means a motorized vehicle that is operated primarily off of highways and that is designed, modified or purpose-built primarily for recreational nonhighway all-terrain travel.

(b) Includes a tracked or wheeled vehicle, utility vehicle, all-terrain vehicle, motorcycle, four-wheel drive vehicle, dune buggy, sand rail, amphibious vehicle, ground effects or air cushion vehicle and any other means of land transportation deriving motive power from a source other than muscle or wind.

(c) Does not include a vehicle that is either:

(i) Designed primarily for travel on, over or in the water.

(ii) Used in installation, inspection, maintenance, repair or related activities involving facilities for the provision of utility or railroad service or used in the exploration or mining of minerals or aggregates as defined in title 27.

7. "Off-highway vehicle special event" means an event that is endorsed, authorized, permitted or sponsored by a federal, state, county or municipal agency and in which the event participants operate off-highway vehicles on specific routes or areas designated by a local authority pursuant to section 28-627.

8. "Off-highway vehicle trail" means a multiple use corridor that is both of the following:

(a) Open to recreational travel by an off-highway vehicle.

(b) Designated or managed by or for the managing authority of the property that the trail traverses for off-highway vehicle use.

9. "Off-highway vehicle use area" means the entire area of a parcel of land, except for approved buffer areas, that is managed or designated for off-highway vehicle use.