28-939. Signal lamps and devices

A. A motor vehicle may be equipped and if required under this article shall be equipped with the following:

1. A stop lamp on the rear that emits a red or yellow light, that is actuated on application of the service or foot brake and that may be incorporated with a tail lamp.

2. One or more lamps or a mechanical signal device that is capable of clearly indicating an intention to turn either to the right or to the left and that is visible both from the front and rear.

B. A stop lamp shall be plainly visible and understandable from a distance of one hundred feet to the rear both during normal sunlight and at nighttime. A signal lamp or lamps indicating the intention to turn shall be visible and understandable during daytime and nighttime from a distance of one hundred feet both to the front and rear. If a vehicle is equipped with a stop lamp, tail lamp or other signal lamp, each lamp shall:

1. Be maintained at all times in good working condition.

2. Not project a glaring or dazzling light.

C. A mechanical signal device shall be self-illuminated when in use at the times provided in section 28-922.