28-664. Duty on striking unattended vehicle; autonomous vehicles; neighborhood occupantless electric vehicles; violation; classification

A. The driver of a vehicle that collides with a vehicle that is unattended on public or private property shall immediately:

1. Stop.

2. Either:

(a) Locate and notify the operator or owner of the vehicle of the name and address of the driver and owner of the vehicle striking the unattended vehicle.

(b) In a conspicuous place in the vehicle struck, leave a written notice giving the name and address of the driver and of the owner of the vehicle doing the striking.

B. If the first vehicle described in subsection A of this section is a fully autonomous vehicle operating without a human driver or a neighborhood occupantless electric vehicle, the requirements of this section are satisfied if the fully autonomous vehicle or neighborhood occupantless electric vehicle immediately stops and the vehicle owner or a person on behalf of the vehicle owner provides the notice prescribed in subsection A, paragraph 2 of this section.

C. A person who violates this section is guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor.