23-286.01. Agricultural operations

A driver transporting agricultural commodities or farm supplies for agricultural purposes shall not drive for any period after having been on duty sixteen hours following eight consecutive hours off duty or for any period after having been on duty for one hundred twelve hours in any consecutive seven day period except that:

1. A driver transporting special situation farm products from the field to cooling facilities or a driver transporting livestock from pasture to pasture, during one period of not more than twenty-eight consecutive days or a combination of two periods totaling not more than twenty-eight days in a calendar year, may drive for not more than twelve hours during any sixteen hour workday.

2. The director of the department of public safety, for good cause, may temporarily waive the maximum on-duty time limits applicable to any seven day period if an emergency exists due to inclement weather, natural disaster or an adverse economic condition that threatens to disrupt the orderly movement of farm products during harvest for the duration of the emergency.  For purposes of this paragraph, an emergency does not include a strike or labor dispute.