22-404Disposition of fines and forfeitures

A. All fines and forfeitures that are collected in a municipal court maintained by a city or town that pays the salaries of the municipal court officers shall be paid to the treasurer of the city or town in which the court is located.

B. Except as otherwise provided by law, fees for the municipal court shall be established and classified as follows:

      Class     Description   Fee

      E     Minimum clerk fee $ 17.00

            Research in locating a document     17.00

            Record duplication        17.00

      F     Per page fee

            Copies of any documents per page    $  0.50

C. Excluding the monies that are kept by the court pursuant to subsection D of this section, the municipal court shall monthly transmit all monies that are collected pursuant to subsection B of this section to the city or town treasurer.  The city or town treasurer shall distribute or deposit all of the monies received pursuant to this subsection as follows:

1. 19.18 per cent to the state treasurer for deposit in the judicial collection enhancement fund established by section 12-113.

2. 72.51 per cent to the city or town general fund.

D. 8.31 per cent of the monies transmitted pursuant to subsection C of this section shall be kept and used by the court collecting the fees in the same manner as the seven dollars of the time payment fee prescribed by section 12-116, subsection B.

E. A city or town may establish and assess fees for court programs and services.