20-468. Motor vehicle loss; policyholder choice of repair facility

A. For repair facilities other than glass repair facilities and subject to the rights of an insurer to receive notice of loss or claim consistent with the provisions of its policy, a person in this state has the right to choose any repair facility for the repair of a motor vehicle loss. If an insurer provides information about a repair facility, the insurer shall inform the person of this right at the same time as making the recommendation or providing the information.  This section does not create a private right or cause of action to or on behalf of any person.

B. If an insured or claimant selects a repair facility to repair the insured's or claimant's motor vehicle in which the insurer owns an interest in that repair facility, the adjuster for the motor vehicle shall not be employed by the repair facility or have any direct authority over that facility's recommendations or decisions relating to the repair of the insured's or claimant's motor vehicle.