19-102. Initiative petition; circulators

A. The form of petition for a law or amendment to the constitution of this state or county legislative measure, or city or town ordinance, or amendment to a city or town charter proposed by the initiative to be submitted directly to the electors, shall be substantially in the form prescribed in section 19-101, except that the title and body of such petition shall read:

Initiative description

(Insert a description of no more than one hundred words of the principal provisions of the proposed measure or constitutional amendment.)

Notice: This is only a description of the proposed measure (or constitutional amendment) prepared by the sponsor of the measure. It may not include every provision contained in the measure. Before signing, make sure the title and text of the measure are attached. You have the right to read or examine the title and text before signing.

Initiative Measure to be Submitted Directly to Electors

We, the undersigned, citizens and qualified electors of the state of Arizona, respectfully demand that the following proposed law (or amendment to the constitution, or other initiative measure), shall be submitted to the qualified electors of the state of Arizona (county, city or town of ____________) for their approval or rejection at the next regular general election (or county, city or town election) and each for himself says: (terminate form same as a referendum petition.)

B. Each petition sheet shall have printed on the top of each sheet the following:

"It is unlawful to sign this petition before it has a serial number."

C. Each petition sheet shall have printed in capital letters in no less than twelve point bold-faced type in the upper right-hand corner of the face of the petition sheet and below the statement prescribed in subsection B of this section the following:

"___________ paid circulator" " ______________ volunteer".

D. A circulator of an initiative petition shall state whether he is a paid circulator or volunteer by checking the appropriate line on the petition form before circulating the petition for signatures.

E. Signatures obtained on initiative petitions in violation of subsection D of this section are void and shall not be counted in determining the legal sufficiency of the petition. The presence of signatures that are invalidated under this subsection on a petition does not invalidate other signatures on the petition that were obtained as prescribed by this section.