16-1018. Additional unlawful acts by persons with respect to voting; classification

A person who commits any of the following acts is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor:

1. Knowingly electioneers on election day within a polling place or in a public manner within seventy-five feet of the main outside entrance of a polling place or on-site early voting location established by a county recorder pursuant to section 16-542, subsection A.

2. Intentionally disables or removes from the polling place, on-site early voting location or custody of an election official a voting machine or a voting record.

3. Knowingly removes an official ballot from a polling place before closing the polls.

4. Shows another voter's ballot to any person after it is prepared for voting in such a manner as to reveal the contents, except to an authorized person lawfully assisting the voter.  A voter who makes available an image of the voter's own ballot by posting on the internet or in some other electronic medium is deemed to have consented to retransmittal of that image and that retransmittal does not constitute a violation of this section.

5. Knowingly solicits a voter to show the voter's ballot, or receives from a voter a ballot prepared for voting, unless the person is an election official or unless otherwise authorized by law.

6. Knowingly receives an official ballot from a person other than an election official having charge of the ballots.

7. Knowingly delivers an official ballot to a voter, unless the voter is an election official.

8. Except for a completed ballot transmitted by an elector by fax or other electronic format pursuant to section 16-543, knowingly places a mark on the voter's ballot by which it can be identified as the one voted by the voter.

9. After having received a ballot as a voter, knowingly fails to return the ballot to the election official before leaving the polling place or on-site early voting location.