16-1016. Illegal voting; pollution of ballot box; removal or destruction of ballot box, poll lists or ballots; violation; classification

A person is guilty of a class 5 felony who:

1. Not being entitled to vote, knowingly votes.

2. Knowingly votes more than once at any election.

3. Knowingly votes in two or more jurisdictions in this state for which residency is required for lawful voting and the person is not a resident of all jurisdictions in which the person voted. For the purposes of this paragraph, a person has only one residence for the purpose of voting.

4. Knowingly votes in this state in an election in which a federal office appears on the ballot and votes in another state in an election in which a federal office appears on the ballot and the election day for both states is the same date.

5. Knowingly gives to an election official two or more ballots folded together.

6. Knowingly changes or destroys a ballot after it has been deposited in the ballot box.

7. Knowingly adds a ballot to those legally cast at any election, by fraudulently introducing the ballot into the ballot box either before or after the ballots in the ballot box have been counted.

8. Knowingly adds to or mixes with ballots lawfully cast, other ballots, while they are being canvassed or counted, with intent to affect the result of the election, or to exhibit the ballots as evidence on the trial of an election contest.

9. Knowingly and unlawfully carries away, conceals or removes a poll list, ballot or ballot box from the polling place, or from possession of the person authorized by law to have custody thereof.

10. Knowingly destroys a polling list, ballot or ballot box with the intent to interrupt or invalidate the election.

11. Knowingly detains, alters, mutilates or destroys ballots or election returns.

12. Knowingly provides a mechanism for voting to another person who is registered in another state, including by forwarding an early ballot addressed to the other person.