16-913. Candidate committee contribution limits; requirements

A. A candidate committee shall not make contributions to a candidate committee for another candidate.

B. A candidate committee may transfer unlimited contributions to any one or more other candidate committees for that same candidate under the following conditions:

1. A candidate committee for a city or town candidate shall not transfer contributions to that same candidate's committee for a statewide or legislative office.

2. If a candidate committee for a city or town office transfers contributions to a candidate committee for a county office for that same candidate, the candidate committee for the county office shall not transfer contributions to a statewide or legislative candidate committee for that same candidate during the twenty-four months immediately following that transfer of contributions to the county candidate committee.

3. Contributions originally made to the transferring candidate committee are deemed to be contributions to the receiving candidate committee. On transfer, an individual's aggregate contributions to both candidate committees during the election cycle shall not exceed the individual's contribution limit for that candidate.

C. A candidate committee shall not knowingly accept contributions in excess of the contribution limits prescribed by law. A candidate committee that unknowingly accepts an excess contribution shall refund or reattribute any excess contribution within sixty days after receipt of the contribution. A candidate committee may reattribute an excess contribution only if both of the following apply:

1. The excess contribution was received from an individual contributor.

2. The individual contributor authorizes the candidate committee to reattribute the excess amount to another individual who was identified as a joint account holder in the original instrument used to make the excess contribution.

D. A candidate committee may accept contributions only from an individual, a partnership, a candidate committee, a political action committee or a political party.

E. A candidate committee may make unlimited contributions to a person other than a candidate's committee.

F. A candidate may contribute unlimited personal monies to the candidate's own candidate committee.